MUSICA NOVA (Gertjan Eldering) composed all music of Renée Wilna Span’s One-way ticket to Bussum. The film portraits Rajeev, a 12-year-old boy who lives in the small town of Bussum in the Netherlands. Rajeev was born in India and adopted as a small boy. That’s why he doesn’t look like his family members. But for his parents, he’s as big a part of the family as his blonde sister. Because he’s been in The Netherlands ever since he was two years old, he barely remembers anything from India. Not wanting to forget his background, he longs to return to his home country. But will he be able to persuade his parents to grant him this wish?

One-way ticket to Bussum will have its premiere at IDFA 2011 and will be shown on national television. It is selected for TIFF Kids and the Al Jazeera Documentary Festival, both in April 2012.